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You Don't Need To Put 20% Down To Purchase A Home!!!

📣 Here's your friendly reminder that you don't need to put 20% down to purchase a home! 📣

MANY potential buyers put off purchasing a home of their own because of the idea that they need to have enough saved for a 20% down payment. In today's market, that is not the case. 💰

I'm here to tell you that there are MANY options for first-time home buyers that require little to no money down. 🙌

Mortgage rates are still historically low and thanks to the many loan options available, homeownership may be closer than you think. Don't let the idea that you need to put 20% down stop you from taking advantage of this market. 🏡 Let's discuss your options. Call or message me to talk more! 📲

HŌM Utah Alexis Pahl, Realtor (385) 262-7423 8347674-SA00

HŌM Utah Tobin Prince, Broker (801) 300-1087 9256219-AB00

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